Tea: A drink….OR information being exposed out in the world 🙂

*all of the names will be changed in my blog but everything else will be legit/the truth

aka this blog. OK so hello, my name is, well for the sake of personal information Let’s say my name is Rey except pronounced “Ree”. Basically I made this blog to vent and to help anyone who needs advice from me. I’ll be exposing people in my life and real life stories I have dealt with my life isn’t very exciting or at least it wasn’t until I started college. I’ll be using this to share my feelings about it and everything I have already been through. I’d also love  advice on my situations or comments on things! Anyways Let’s get to it.

I started college recently in Utah (I won’t say the name of the school again for the sake of privacy blah blah blah) on August 22, 2016 and it has been quiet the adventure. Let’s start with a back story shall we?

Me: Rey (‘Ree’): Female, 18, Mexican and African American, Medium length Dark Brown Curly Hair, Freckles, Brown Eyes, Skinny (123lbs Boobs: 34D Butt: I get told it’s big lol. Not Kim Kardashian but Not Taylor Swift) , Born in Las Vegas, 5’8

*Back Story* I went to a magnet school for all of high school which was an interesting experience, hardly any POC there. My school had no sports, no events, nothing but academics really, so it made me less prone of doing anything bad. I have somewhat strict parents, I never partied, never had a boyfriend, no first kiss (lame i know), virgin, never did drugs/alcohol. I was partially an angel. I hated it. My life was boring up until I started college….

I’m not sure if me being so innocent led me to this college life I have now but it is interesting, indeed. I came to college with my best friend, let’s call her ‘Logan’ .

Best Friend: Logan: Female, 18, White, Hazel Eyes, Freckles, Shoulder Length Blonde Hair, Not the skinnest Not the fattest, 5’5,  Born in Las Vegas

We moved into a student housing apartment which is basically right across from the school and you live with 4-6 roommates (depends) and it is sort of like a dorm. Logan and I moved into one together with 3 other roommates. Our roomates names were